business innovation coach

Business strategy expert with an extensive array of technical, functional, and management skills. I drive value in corporations, SMEs and startups by exploiting innovative approaches and cross-pollination around their core business.

"Changemakers are tenacious about the greater good. They are committed to something bigger than themselves and believe progress is always possible"


Support to companies in transformation and developing new business models, products and services, through Open Innovation strategies based in innovation ecosystems with experts from companies, higher education institutions, startups and research centers.

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Defining Innovative projects

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation by developing activities that have substantial and positive impact at all stages of the entrepreneurial process.combining innovation management and technical expertise with business acumen to enable new business transformation. 

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Innovation, processes and tools, team development, Innovation team’s dynamics, coaching trainers to news training methodologies and educational innovations

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What is innovation coaching?

An innovation coach is a mentor who works with you individually on a remote basis or can come into your organization

Which are the benefits?

To benefit from correctly applying the most promising innovation methods, mindsets, and approaches (and increase your chances of success), consider hiring an advisor or innovation coach

How it works?

An innovation coach inspires, supports, and coaches your team to nurture innovation in the organization. Your coach will push through the status quo by bringing your team energy, creativity, and a startup mindset.

What provides an innovation coach?

The innovation coach listens and provides you with ongoing tools, resources, and support to help you fulfill your innovation and business goals

When should I hire one?

If you are just starting with transforming your company or organization to be more innovative, coaching can provide continuous direction in your effort.

What happens next?

When you hire an innovation coach, they will give hands-on support to challenge your existing thinking and enable further growth.